Lean In

When White Women Practice the Politics of Polite (WOC & Allies, Medium)

Black blogger and activist Sassy Latte says this about power: “as people in marginalized communities gain access to power, the effect is that people who have power are going to have to give some of it up.” White women, did you feel those ‘nice’ nerves tingling and twitching as you read that sentence? Did your brain default to, ‘but, but, we can do this in a calm and orderly fashion! There’s no need to be radical!’

If it did, you’re not alone. We are wired to reach for compromise. We crave the illusion of order, and we truly believe in civility, laws, systems and RULES. Why? Because all of them were created to protect US. Our niceness is simply tacit complicity in the injustices and inequalities that keep people of color systemically and generationally oppressed.

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